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金沙棋牌官网下载:2800 points of tug-of-war battle, private equity optimistic about the two main lines

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内容摘要: YesterdayShanghai Composite Indexfell below 2800 points again. In fact, since June 27,Shanghai stock indexhas experienced the "four do...

Yesterday Shanghai Composite Index fell below 2800 points again. In fact, since June 27, Shanghai stock index has experienced the "four down three on" market around 2800 points, three stations on 2800 points, four times down 2800 points, even in the next two days. Staged an upside and fell below 2800 points.


The Shanghai stock index launched a difficult tug-of-war in the 2800-point area, and the A-share market was relatively low. However, in this context, some of the growth stocks that have experienced the deep decline in the previous period have become hot spots that cannot be suppressed. Institutions are actively looking for growth stocks that have been killed by the market. In their view, some high-growth companies have become very attractive under current valuation conditions. At the same time, institutions that are known for their robust style are interested in finding a safe haven in consumer stocks with strong cash flow, high dividends and low valuations, and utilities .


Some institutions that have experienced many rounds of bulls and bears, such as Mingda Assets, Xinsizhe Investment and Eastern Marathon Investment, have entered a high position and exchanged long-term investment income by taking the initiative to bear the net value retracement risk.


The market is expanding along the two main lines. In fact, since June 27 stock index fell below 2,800 points again since, some growth stocks have bottomed rebound, as allwinner technology , State Information Technology IT sector and Orville communication other stocks rose were more than 40%; Ophelia technology and Sunway communication other stocks rose on the smart phone industry chain in more than 20%; the manufacturing sector and industry Lai Sing and Tianhua clean etc. Individual stocks rose more than 30%.


Despite the weakness of the broader market at this stage, the consumer and utility sectors showed strong resistance. To the airport sector as an example, since June 27, Shenzhen Airport rose more than 10% Baiyun Airport rose more than 6%, Shanghai airport rose more than 12%. food and beverage sector performance is commendable, Yasui food and Guangzhou Restaurant other stocks rose more than 30%. At this stage, the leading stocks in the power sector are also mainly based on rising or weak decline.


Partially experienced private placements with multiple rounds of bulls and bears at this stage choose high positions to cross. Zhong Zhaomin, chairman of the Eastern Marathon, said that the value of the company's connotation is fundamental. The more the market is down, the more it can highlight the value of investment. It is not necessary to talk about the macro and the market. Whether the company is good or not is the core factor of investment. . At present, the position of the Eastern Marathon is over 90%.


But when the index is difficult to saw, investor confidence is still insufficient overall, and any turmoil will lead to unsettled chips falling away. Statistics from private placements show that the overall position of private placements has fallen to a new low of nearly one year, and 33.62% of private placements are below half of the warehouse, of which 7.76% of private placements are in short positions.





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